Digital Service Records (DSR)

In the past, carmakers imposed conditions that their new cars must be serviced by a franchised (main) dealers in order to protect the warranty. But this is no longer the case – EU laws now outlaw this practice and enable independent garages to compete on a more equal footing.

Carmakers can specify that you must get the car serviced to a standard in line with their recommendations, but this can be done by any suitably qualified service provider. Manufacturers must make servicing procedures and parts available to independent garages, as well as to their own dealers. However, many consumers still believe they must go to a franchised dealer or risk invalidating their warranty.

Recently,  many manufacturers including Mercedes, Mazda, Audi and BMW have introduced online service records for vehicles and have removed the traditional service book from the car.  This online service data is only available through their dealer network.

Red is working with a number of leading industry partners and will soon be launching an independent digital service record solution.

Independent workshops will then have access to the manufacturers full service schedules and specifications to ensure a car is serviced correctly.  Once completed the service data  will will be stored online and a certificate issued for the owner to keep and no personal data will be retained.